Thursday, April 3, 2003

Lots abuzzing in the world of content and related technologies today. Overture's stock was downgraded by SoundView Technology Group based on the imminent entry of Microsoft into the market for paid search content and technology, which would leave Overture and other suppliers out in the cold. Besides being the usual "kiss of the vampire vendor" story that we've come to expect from Redmond, it's clear that the value of highly contextual search results has been confirmed as a major revenue opportunity for portal suppliers and creators alike. The announcement of Google's deal with Amazon for sponsored links placement services only helps to underline the importance of highly contextual content for supporting the bottom line. But don't ignore in the midst of this the California Supreme Court battle over email distribution rights in corporations. This promises to go further up the judicial chain, as it represents a fundamental clash over the rights of corporations to limit free speech - and by extension, the rights to control content authoring and distribution.
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