Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Sometimes Web headlines are all about the latest and greatest, but today's batch has a lot of resources to make you think about how to implement content and related technologies. Check out the DM Review article that summarizes what it takes to make a good Knowledge Mangement initiative. In some ways, it also highlights unwittingly some of the weaknesses of KM - trying to be too many things to too may people. It takes a lot to build a content-centric culture, to be sure, but it's oftentimes best to start small with the people who will benefit most from the efforts. There's also a somewhat humorous summary of search engines past and present. How many have fallen by the wayside, and how many have discovered that great technology in and of itself is not necessarily a business model. The ones that survive and thrive are the ones that work hardest to identify contextual content that people really value.
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