Friday, April 18, 2003

While the world of media giants digests the departure of Thomas Rogers from the helm of Primedia, a hemorraging magazine and e-properties conglomerate, the real action is out in Gillette, Wyoming, where local librarians are singing the praises of eBooks (4/20 - sorry, link appears to have died!). The seven eBook readers available at the local library have become so popular that the library has ordered up three more. As was highlighted by a number of participants in this week's Buying and Selling eContent conference, library budgets on all levels are hard-pressed to keep up with an explosion in new titles as the Periodical Price Index soars nearly three times higher than the rate of U.S. inflation. Even as many of the publishing giants continue to resist the new structure of the information economy, hard economic times are an impetus for those at the grass roots level to discover what's really working in content.
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