Thursday, April 10, 2003

Yahoo's new search is positively Google-ish, though with some unique new twists that extend the idea of searching into "finding". For example, type in "Map 06880" and it returns a map of my hometown at the top of search results. We've been on to this "finding" concept for some time, and it's heartening to see mainstream portals making the most of directing people to results rather than just possibilities. When I floated this concept past some content company executives at a private briefing a few years ago, a rather cynical-looking person snipped, "What you're describing sounds like a librarian." "Yes," I told this person, "that's EXACTLY what it sounds like." People don't want to be search experts, they want to be able to have whatever - or whomever - they call upon to have a reasonably intuitive sense of that they are seeking, and to eliminate the need to search if at all possible..
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