Wednesday, May 28, 2003

In the financial world, real-time financial quotation and trade content is crucial, yet its value is highly tenuous: if it's perfectly fast and accurate, it's gold, and anything else fast approaches a leaden state. Hyperfeed has been taking a different approach to the delivery of financial real-time information for a couple of years, now, giving their clients the option of taking a traditional consolidated quotes feed or taking content directly from selected securities exchanges in their own format and using their central services for data recovery. Because of the demands of networking and throughput Hyperfeed now partners with SAVVIS Communications to provide the reliability that their clients demand, but the overall model can be applied to all content markets. Aggregation is not just about "the big pipe": it's about servicing a broad array of content delivery needs from multiple sources, with or without a central, aggregator-supplied content stream.
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