Friday, May 16, 2003

A New York Times article wonders out loud whether the bloom is off of the high-tech rose, seeing that it may become a commoditized component of general business production capabilities. But as Craig R. Barrett, chief executive of Intel, notes in the article: "I.T. is the vehicle by which you turn ideas and content into intellectual property products." In other words the I.T. industry has always been the "tool and die" side of the information business. It's not a matter of whether people will spend or not for technology - if something can create content that will give a company a valuable edge over their competition, they'll do it - but more a matter of people beginning to understand just how to realize the value of creating content - specific information experiences for specific audiences in specific contexts. With standards-driven technology allowing more layers of technology to settle into a stable role, the value in technology will turn increasingly towards what works for people as publishers and consumers of content.
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