Monday, June 2, 2003

Michelle Manafy notes in this month's EContent issue the swelling buzz around IBM's Web Fountain initiative. While there is doubtless an element of hype in any initiative that rolls into a nine-figure investment, Web Fountain is but one extreme example of what is coming to be known as Content Service Providers (CSPs), entities that generate value from data mining and analysis of both structured and unstructured content. Eliyon does it in a focused way with business contact information extracted from Web pages and other sources, and others such as Connotate focus more on selling the mining capabilities themselves, but IBM is the first to create a truly massive data store that allows people to understand not only what's relevant in a sea of content but the what matters to people within very specific contexts discovered in that content. Hyped it may be, but it's an approach that's likely to have huge payoffs for the institutions that can afford it.
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