Monday, June 16, 2003

The Special Libraries Association has stared the future in the eye and has decided to call itself...the Special Libraries Association. While Information Today reports that a clear majority of SLA members were in favor of a name change to Information Professionals International, the vote fell short of the required two-thirds majority by a mere 73 votes out of 890 votes. This is especially disappointing given the overall membership of the SLA is now over 12,000 again, according to InfoToday (voting was restricted to conference attending members). As we outlined in our earlier news analysis, there are any number of good reasons why information professionals would benefit from a name change. Libraries are still valued resources, but librarian skills are now applicable to such a wide range of content enabling disciplines that it's a shame not to take this crucial opportunity to relabel the discipline. In such an "iffy" economy, perhaps there was just enough of a "status quo" factor to keep people attached to the tried and true that was paying the bills..
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