Friday, June 13, 2003

The time for "fixed content" has come. No, it's not about the latest botched New York Times report or your bookie's tall tales - it's the content that an organization builds up over time and just cannot afford to eliminate. With corporate governance issues abounding, fixed content is out of the freezer and on the front burner. EMC's marketing folks refer to fixed content as "content-addressed storage", which is another way of saying that we don't really care about this kind of information unless it has a useful context - otherwise, it's literally taking up space. About 75 percent of all content is fixed content, according to EMC. Fixed content is attractive enough to start getting some more basic research into deep storage techniques under way, as announced today by UC Santa Cruz. With the increasingly strategic need to place historical events in context quickly, media such as magnetic tape isn't cutting it - nor will having to have abstruse knowledge of IT realities to get at this information to place it in context. Whether old and in the way or real-time and the star of the moment, the need for audience-driven context to turn information into content remains the same.
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