Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Containers as a Service: CD-ROM Distribution Takes a New Twist to Become vContent

Talk about something that was supposed to be dead and gone: how many companies still think of CD-ROMs as a viable distribution medium? Yet according to e-consultancy Freestyle New Media Group new Firebox facility allows for the simple creation of customized CD-ROMs via its content management software. Firebox allows for the creation of mass-personalized CD-ROMs in small or large batches, allowing clients such as Land Rover Global Armoured Vehice Sales to send out sophisticated marketing messages in a highly personalized format. This is another great example of how everything in the content value chain is fair game for creating value for individuals and institutions in the right context. As noted in our earlier news analysis, mass production of similar content items is fairly useless in an era of instant distribution and infinite replication. But using mass production procedures to create unique value for small or individual audiences can turn that production equation around for virtually any outlet or channel - even hoary old CD-ROMs. You never know where vContent is going to spring up next...
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