Monday, May 3, 2004

Inbox Report: Book on "Reuters: The Illusion of Power"

I was interested to see popping in to by email inbox this morning an announcement of a new book on Reuters Group PLC entitled Reuters: The Illusion of Power, by David M Robertson. The email included a PDFed table of contents and an excerpt from the book's preface. The book's table of contents includes section headings with juicy titles such as "Getting a Job at Reuters", "(Re)Birth of an Inheritance", "Blowing the Inheritance", "Wild Nights in Bangkok", "The Glocer Experiment" and so on, including analysis of Reuters financials and the company's vision, strategy and execution plan under a succession of CEOs. The email also claims "a faked number in the 2002 Annual Report, challenging the creditability of the news agency business to establish whether stated values of integrity, independence and freedom from bias are real or simply rhetoric." There are no details as to how to purchase the book in the email, save a return email address to "DMR Publications." It's easy enough to get the gist of this 250-plus page book via this email, and with a little more common sense use of online ecommerce methods it might be an interesting example of how books are becoming increasingly powerful as highly targeted content distribution containers. With a little DRM in the picture this kind of viral marketing method could provide a "Star Wars Kid"-like push to titles that may help them emerge from personal treatises to global sensations in a highly organic fashion. As to the content, well, it promises to be a potentially entertaining story of sorts, if but one told in bars and pubs around the world for several years, now.
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