Saturday, May 15, 2004

Ovid Launches Web Site Hosting Service: Aggregator Move to vContent Services

Ovid Technologies has announced the launch of its Web Portal Advantage service to enable publishers, corporations and academic institutions to leverage a rich content publishing environment that includes online peer-review tracking,membership management and financial reporting, discussion forums, and a feature that allows for the posting of multi-media content and supplemental article information, as well as the ability to integrate content from Ovid's broad array of journals, texts and databases. The portal toolkit offering is especially interesting in that it will allow journal publishers to make a transition to a Web publishing environment that will promise the ability to integrate closely with their client base using similar tools as well as with Ovid's own content indexing and open Web indexing. This is a very savvy and powerful positioning of Ovid's capabilities as an agggregator, emphasizing the ability of an aggregator to bring together not just content in a database but markets with their suppliers, no matter what the channels the suppliers may choose to reach them. Today's aggregation focuses on this kind of congregation, a "coalition of the willing" that has the ability to adapt flexibly to the delivery and consumption requirements of suppliers and purchasers in a neutral manner that makes the most of technology to empower both individuals and institutions. Hats off, Ovid, would that more aggregators took this flexible and powerful approach.
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