Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Recommended Reading: "Born with the Chip" Defines NextGens Content Outlook

If there's anything that defines the shifting world of content and related technologies well it's the gap between people who grew up thinking that specific publishers and media companies were important and those who grew up with a mouse, joystick or cable remote in their hands from day one and see the world of content through very different eyes. The Library Journal has an outstanding article profiling these people who were "Born with the Chip", which outlines their expectations for using information (format agnostic, nomadic, multitasking), their learning behaviors (experiential, collaborative, integrated) and their beliefs (principled, adaptive, direct). The article focuses on the impact of this generation of content creators and users on library functions, but the attributes define what today's content users are all about - including many graying ones who came to love the Web and have their own take on the gaming and online entertainment universe. While the content industry seems to be moving away from the "pipes and water" metaphors for defining its roles and rationales, the full impact of this new generation's tastes and habits will be impacting the content industry enormously as the first all-PC/gaming/cable generation begins to graduate from colleges over the next several years and starts to make buying decisions for professional as well as personal content. Are you prepared to deal with these vContent experts?
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