Wednesday, May 12, 2004 Embraces RSS Syndication, Boost for XML-based Delivery Standard

CNET News reports that has elected to use the XML syndication standard RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication)as a content delivery transport for delivering free headlines and one-line summaries of stories for free from a wide range of news topics. Notably RSS will also be used to deliver video clips, one of the first instances of the use of RSS for this purpose and one of the very first instances of such a use by a mainstream media company. As reported earlier in our weblog, Reuters has been pursuing a strategy of pulling back content from its news feeds supporting Web portals and concentrating on drawing clicks, along with ad revenues and client relationships, into its own enhanced news portal. The RSS feed is designed to enhance that strategy, providing the taste of Reuters content that may interest people to come in to their own environment to consume articles and additional services. The lack of outgoing content will make it harder for Web sites to index the relevancy of headlines based on scant content, but it's at least a half step towards using RSS as a tool that can provide content in a more robust context that enhances the value of source publishers to end users. The primary value of RSS is to provide syndication feeds to individuals and institutions wanting to stay on top of the conversation in many different streams; placing premium content alongside other personal sources of content as close to the user as possible is a key step towards the New Aggregation that will be driving publishing for many years to come.
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