Wednesday, May 26, 2004

State of Ohio Implements eBooks for 67 Public Libraries via Overdrive

Ohio is the home of Overdrive, one of the leading suppliers of eBooks management systems for libraries; not surprisingly, the Cleveland Public Library is one of the leaders in implementing eBooks distribution via Overdrive. Now Managing Information reveals that the State of Ohio has extended Overdrive's capabilities to 67 public libraries in rural counties hard pressed by budget constraints. The ability of eBooks to make a marked difference in distribution efficiencies for libraries everywhere is beginning to get broader scale as a result of efforts such as this, placing digital rights-protected eBooks into the hands of citizens everywhere and setting the stage for technology that's ready to receive a broad array of rights-protected content for a broad marketplace. Most publishers outside of the book industry are asleep at the wheel regarding the rapid progression of eBooks in the public library system, though, still looking towards controlled access to content databases as the primary way to protect content access - even though its weaknesses are very clear. With more purchasing consortiums driving down margins on these databases, though, finding ways to enable more value-added relationship with library patrons via rights management systems will become an increasingly important aspect of content aggregators' efforts to build relationships with content users. If they're smart, that is.
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