Saturday, June 19, 2004

Death of the Messenger: Yahoo! Pulls Up Stakes in Enterprise IM Market

CNET News reports on portal and Web services provider Yahoo!'s exit from the instant messaging enterprise software marketplace, the last remaining leg in its collapsed enterprise software efforts. This hardly means that Yahoo! has given up on having a presence in the enterprise, however: as noted in our earlier news analysis, IM as a software play for the enterprise may be done but it's hardly tapped yet for premium content delivery and still an important bridge between the world of individual and institutional content. Research noted by CNET sees 85 percent of North American desktops in business having IM on their computers, most of it downloaded from open Web sources such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL. Building up from these individual relationships into ranges of services that support enterprise workers at the individual level is key to many content service providers' strategies for success behind the firewall and into the complex fabric of interests and needs represented by today's publishing-enabled enterprise content users and producers. It's a positioning that many major premium providers still struggle to emulate - and may never do with full success until they accept the new primacy of individuals empowered to publish.
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