Thursday, June 3, 2004

LexisNexis Partners with Cymfony Dashboard for Business Intelligence Solutions

Lexis/Nexis has announced yet another technology alliance to help their premium content penetrate specific market sectors effectively. The Cymfony platform provides quantitative and qualitative reports and analytic displays to provide a systematic way to measure brands, companies, people, key messages and other market intelligence functions - the kind of front end that no premium content company is likely to develop any time soon, and hence a great integration opportunity. As of late LexisNexis has been running up a string of these kinds of technology alliances along with their own solutions aimed towards solving problems for specific market niches, similar to Thomson's approach to tailoring its content for sector-oriented workflow solutions. By contrast, Factiva seems to concentrate more on the needs of individual clients rather than sectors in developing solutions - an approach that may provide more client loyalty but which may not provide the leverage and amplification to penetrate market sectors with a plethora of contextual solutions sold by a variety of channels. As we noted in our recent news analysis Factiva has cleared the decks for a more solutions-oriented approach to content sales, but LexisNexis seems to be leading in this area at the moment by many measures.
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