Tuesday, June 1, 2004

News Analysis - Folk Tunes: How the Music Industry May Provide a Model for Developing Commercial Weblogs

A spate of news flashes from USC Annenberg OJR, The New York Times and Reuters are highlighting the power of weblogs as both an expressive medium as well as a body of commentary that has become a potent force for shaping main\stream journalism and corporate operations. What's missing is a viable business model for monetizing weblogs effectively beyond their current status as folk art in the raw. Using old channels of distribution for text content is not likely to harness the full commercial potential of weblogs, though. For the answer to tomorrow's weblog monetization, take a stroll down to your local night club and check out today's star "DJs" laying down the mixes. Will tomorrow's lead editors of weblogs be "BJs"?
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