Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thomson to Acquire IHI, Bolstering Workflows with High-Value Databases

As we caught in Monday's headlines, AP covers the announced acquisition of Information Holdings Inc., a conglomerate of several key databases that will bolster Thomson's ability to provide workflow-oriented solutions to increase productivity in the biomed sector. IHI's MicroPatent division, which includes and Intellectual Property analysis specialists Aurigin, is a full-service intellectual property information, software, and consulting-services company with the world’s largest commercial collection of searchable full-text patent information, while its Liquent division regulatory-oriented software solutions, information products, and related services for the life sciences industry provide a platform for integrating in-house assets with external content sources. This continues Thomson's emphasis on providing workflow solutions tailored to solving the productivity needs of specific user types in specific market sector, in this instance leveraging both well-positioned technology assets and databases that are hard to replicate for coverage and quality. This kind of aggregation capability - combining on-site software solutions with intellectual property assets that are difficult to replicate - is the type of profile that will allow many major aggregators to survive and thrive as the era of the New Aggregation unfolds.
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