Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Demographic Data Fair Game for Personalization - But Is it Really Used that Way?

A newly announced study by content personalization vendor ChoiceStream indicate that a 64 percent of Internet users would provide preference insights in exchange for personalized product and content recommendations and 56 percent would provide demographic data such as age and gender as a part of that collection. It's a vendor study so I take out my grain of salt accordingly, but it's a pretty strong indication that people understand the value of allowing content services to serve them better according to their interests. What's notable is that this compliance is for personalization and not general access. The flourishing of "to serve you better" registration requirements for many news sites does little to return value of any kind to the person submitting to these proliferating and redundant requests. If you're promising to serve people better then follow through on your promises with more than marketing materials: build your responsiveness into your services.
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