Friday, July 2, 2004

Factiva CEO Hart Denies Google Threat:

A ZDNet interview with Factiva CEO Clare Hart indicates that she does not see Google News as a threat to Factiva's institutionally oriented aggregation and content technology efforts, noting that "It's a long way before quality information is free." This of course does not take into account the increasing number of subscription and registration-based sources that are searchable via Google News, nor a recognition that ad-supported content and other forms of content that have non-subscription access models are some of the most innovative and strong sources of high-quality content today. Factiva has many leading content technology capablities to lead it forward, but continuing to bash Google and other open Web search engines based on inferior content is a weakening argument at best. In the New Aggregation, companies such as Factiva must learn how to adapt to the reality that the institutions that they serve find high-quality content not only from public search engines but from their own internal search capabilities that oftentimes rival or exceed content from text aggregation services in both quality and timeliness. Where this leads companies which are still largely based on the concept of subscription access to text in a database remains to be seen.
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