Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Inbox Report: Wall Street Journal Online Launches RSS Feeds

Just a few months ago at an event in San Francisco reps from Dow Jones News were sniffing at the idea of RSS as a serious news medium; how things change when one listens to their readers. The WSJ Online crew has announced in emails to its readers the availablility of a headlines-only feed to its readers. The FAQ page for this new service is careful to mention that it's only for the use of individual readers and to restate the applicability of license terms and offers a full range of headlines, essentially equivalent to its email service with similar link-backs. This is still far from a full-blown commitment to RSS as a news distribution medium, but it is at least a tentative step in the right direction towards this concept. With a little rights managment thrown onto this capability the Journal and other major outlets can enter the world of peer-driven news object distribution fairly easily. In time, of course.
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