Tuesday, August 31, 2004

As Microsoft Deducts WinFS from Longhorn Release, Desktop Search Joins Palladium in Bit Bucket

WebProNews confirmed what seemed evident from their recent axing of the new WinFS file system from Microsoft's upcoming "Longhorn" operating system release: their desktop search tool that was supposed to do battle with Google and others vying for local search supremacy is now history as well. We're not going to I.T. you to death on this one, but it's a key factor for content providers to consider. Combined with the also-removed "Palladium" rights management environment and upcoming hardware from Intel and others Microsoft had been promising many kinds of content Nirvana to publishers and institutions alike where there would be one worldwide transparent environment for digital objects to be stored sercurely and monetized easily. Oops. Premium publishers need to get their own "long horns" out and start thinking more seriously about owning their technology futures for secure and universally accessible content objects instead of hoping that Microsoft will simplify matters for them. It's a big, messy world of content out there and it promises to be that way for the foreseeable future.
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