Thursday, August 26, 2004

Google to Use AdSense to Pay Bloggers

Now that the fog of IPO fever is lifting a bit it seems that Google is back on track with product developments, finally adding some long-needed business model focus to its weblog facility Blogger. The new proposition for Blogger is simple: "blog for bucks." According to there is still not a specific revenue split announced, but given the experience provided by AdWords and AdSense it is probably going to be enough to have the vanity blogs feel like they're playing in the big time and the serious weblog content providers a no-hassle business model that might actually pay the car payments, if not the mortgage. Weblog impressarios such as WeblogsInc and Kinja may be discouraged by this move somewhat, but the longer term picture is one in which major publishers have to consider and compete with people who can monetize their content in a very direct fashion without traditional publishing channels or other organizations playing various infomediary/factor roles. After nearly two years of toying with the enormous potential of weblog content value via Blogger, it looks as if this "sleeping" giant is about to do some very interesting things with content business models that challenge those portals more reliant on traditional publishing sources.
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