Wednesday, August 11, 2004

John Fairfax Holdings Clarification: Sounds Like a Global Exclusive

I noted Rafat Ali's posting on regarding the recent piece in Information Today regarding John Fairfax Holdings Limited's new deal with Factiva; according to Rafat's piece it was not a deal that was excluding LexisNexis, Thomson Dialog and other major aggregators. I checked in with Marydee Ojala, Editor at Information Today, and she reports the following: "The person I spoke with at Fairfax confirmed that the Australian publications would be pulled from Dialog and LexisNexis and that Factiva would be 'the only international vendor offering full text content.'" Shore's not in the breaking news business - we leave that to talented folks like Marydee and Rafat - but it sounds as if perhaps the two separate contacts that they spoke to had two very different perspectives on this deal. Clearly domestic deals were not affected by this move by JFHL, but as far as we can see the main point that we were making in our news analysis on this topic seems to stand: Factiva appears to have gained a tactical edge in licensing against its primary competitors. As we point out in the piece, the real issue from our perspective is how licensing advantages play out in the greater battle for aggregation services. It's a complex picture, and getting only moreso. Our thanks to both Rafat and Marydee for shedding some additional light on this significant development.
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