Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Telemart to Offer Marketplace for Indian Content Rights: What if We Went Further?

It was one of those days when so many headlines could or should have been included - the Napster-Roxio realignment is no small potatoes to be sure, nor Google's evolving IPO - but I was fascinated by the news item from Press Trust and other Indian outlets regarding an upcoming event in September for those seeking to sell and buy rights to television and other content delivered by this burgeoning nation's satellite network. The event is planned as an annual marketplace, not so different from the conferences held elsewhere in more developed media markets. No huge surprises there, but what if we in fact had a worldwide market for content rights similar to the electronic financial markets that dominate securities trading? Similar market management techniques have been extended to the energy markets, of course; while folks like Enron got a little carried away in how to apply these techniques, they worked nevertheless. What if major institutions could put out bids for content requirements on an electronic network that could find best pricing via an auction process? Not so far-fetched given today's technology, and with rights management available to enforce contract terms it would make fulfillment fairly simple to manage. You never know what may happen...
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