Thursday, September 23, 2004

Content Through the Mind's Eye: Viyya "Reads" the Web from a Human Perspective

A lot of emphasis on technology that reads content resources on a Web focuses on extraction, on taking the good tidbits and leaving the rest as presentation "fluff". But what if that same technology could gain insight not only from the information but from its layout and other visual attributes? New Jersey-based Viyya Technologies has announced that it is getting ready to launch its first product, Viyya Lite, that will incorporate just such a concept in its content extraction and delivery technology. When Viyya's XCavator(TM) technology looks at a page of content it not only determines relevant words and graphics but tries to understand the layout elements that will be useful for its redisplay to a given user. From Viyya's perspective the goal is to emulate the mind's visual sifting of relevance as it glances through a page of content to determine what is relevant using all visual cues available. It's an "early days" technology, but with so many tools promising that mythical 20-30 percent savings in information retrieval efficiency it's interesting to see one that takes on the heart of the visual human element to determine what's worth absorbing. A vContent play worth watching...
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