Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Deeper and Wider: OneSource Gears up Core Business Content Offerings

The acquisition of OneSource by InfoUSA does not seem to have hit OneSource's ability to turn out significant new product enhancements thus far, as evidenced by its announcement of major new enhancement to its business content and the capabilities of its Business Browser online interface. Chief amongst the enhancements is more support for financial analysis of companies with breakouts of financials by business and geographic segments, more financial analyst reports, a full year of available news on all companies and two years from the Financial Times, enhanced reporting capabilities and query capability by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). These are the kinds of analytical tools to make OneSource more useful to financial analysts as well as competitive intelligence, sales and marketing specialists, thus continuing to bump OneSource up the value chain to "get it and go" people who need lots of ready-to-wear business stats to crunch along with their text. All part of the OneSource plan to penetrate key market sectors with higher value, and well poisitoned to do so. It will be interesting to watch how OneSource begins to bump up against other suppliers of financial reference data in the securities sector as they continue to add breadth and depth to their offerings. They're not too many notches away from putting together something like a Public Information Book product, just as an example. Watch this space...
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