Thursday, September 30, 2004

Moreover Moves into More Desktop Venues with NewsGator and Clovis

Not too long ago the question that people were asking was: whatever happened to Moreover? For a company that two years ago seemed to have the world of virtual news and journal aggregation in the palm of its hand it seemed to have disappeared into the woodwork. This low profile seems to have reversed course in the past few months as Moreover has inked and rolled out a succession of high-profile portal deals. Now Moreover is moving into the vanguard of content aggregation: the user's desktop. As outlined in our paper on The New Aggregation, the most important platforms for content aggregation today are the powerful devices in the hands of today's content consumers, so it is rewarding to see Moreover regaining a leader's profile and announcing deals with XML newfeed aggregator NewsGator and desktop content organizer Clovis. Both NewsGator and Clovis make use of Microsoft Outlook as a tool for adding and organizing high-value content in a familiar desktop application, though where NewsGator makes use of Outlook primarily as a convenient sub-platform for its feed aggregation capabilities Clovis uses Outlook as a vehicle to transform a broad array of content from both emails and other sources into organizing folders - handy for professionals who tend to use their inbox as their primary desktop. In both instances Moreover is placing itself in the right context at the right time for its Web and premium news and journal content., Instead of trying to outdo major news aggregators from a portal perspective Moreover is leapfrogging over the increasingly static portal concept and into the contexts in which today's professional content consumers use content most aggressively. The revenue fruits of these leading moves may not be significant for a while, but in the meantime Moreover increasingly positions its products where the revenue growth will be over the next two years.
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