Tuesday, September 21, 2004

RSiCopyright Relaunches as Valeo IP with Focus on Facilitating Users

Say hello to Valeo IP, a reskinned version of RSI Copright that still focuses on content relicensing for electronic and reprint distribution but with a greater emphasis on today's leading publishers - the individuals and institutions that consume and redistribute copyrighted materials. The announced relaunch comes with nicely packaged features to help users establish a friendly relationship with relicensing as a service, including a complimentary news clipping service, facilitation of emailing content for redistribution and easing the traditional tasks of corporate compliance and reprint management in a more user-centric fashion. It's a very clever repackaging effort, making the concept of content licensing more like a user benefit than an unattractive, geekish chore, but the package as a whole does not stray too far from the traditional bounds of the reprint management business. Yet the outlines of a way of doing business are there that seems to leave rivals such as Copyright Clearance Center still pondering how to position themselves for a more profitable profile. Within their "find-clear-use" cycle Valeo has the potential to manage not only relicsensing agreements but primary content licensing at the individual and institutional level, a far more profitable scheme and one more in tune with the real needs for process improvement that institutions are seeking today. Slick new Web sites do not a product revolution make, but having a message and a positioning that appeals to end users may help Valeo to position themselves strongly for the future of commercial content licensing agreement management in the New Aggregation business model.
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