Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Thomson Gale Rolls out New Platform, Taking a Page from WestLaw

As covered in Information Today The Gale unit of Thomson is applying the recipe that's helped other Thomson divisions like West and Thomson Financial to make strong strides in their respective market niches. Research your users like crazy, address their pain points via great interface design and make your content service an indispensible part of their workflows - in this instance with generous help from the technologists over at the West division. Now entering its Beta phase Gale is hopeful that the new platform will succeed as the other divisions have in creating market penetration and customer loyalty in the hard-hit library services sector by encompassing broader standards-based content delivery, user sharing and integration options, including eBook-formatted content. Will this be enough to make a significant mark in the marketplace as competitors on all sides chip away at the Gale value proposition? It's not clear that it will result in stronger market share any time soon, but the feature set is broad and robust enough to put Gale at the center of many of the major trends in The New Aggregation, which may be enough to excite many institutional purchasers at the center of today's publishing universe to sign up for this service.
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