Friday, September 17, 2004

Thomson ONE Enhancements Focus on Content as a Relationship-Building Tool

Recently announced enhancements to the Thomson ONE suite of financial content products targeted for institutional equities markets provide a high-quality directory of financial contacts and technology that allows one to share any Thomson ONE content with a client. The first leg of this round of enhancements uses staff from the Nelson Directories product line to maintain a comprehensive database of contacts, CDA Spectrum equivalent, roughly, but integrated into the Thomson ONE tool tightly to help trading and sales desks identify prospects more quickly. The second leg is a screen capture feature that allows images of 1charts, data and other page elements to be combined with user data and content into client email messages. It's interesting to think how the financial content industry has moved from complete paranoia about content redistribution to recognizing that communicating content from sellers to buyers is a key value point in being able to make the transactions that pay for the financial content services in the first place. Supporting individuals and institutions as publishers trying to create value propositions of their own with premium content is an important key to today's vContent marketplace.
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