Monday, October 18, 2004

In Events Weblogs: ABM/SIIA Joint Event - The Rich Data Opportunity in Focus

American Business Media and the SIIA combined to provide a rich event on the use of rich data - using database-oriented technology to provide contextual value to content . "There's nothing like a recession to focus your mind," noted one presenter at the conference, as draconian cuts in ad budgets since 9/11 and a changing marketplace for professional content have forced some B2B publications to make huge changes to their operations over the past several years to become database publishers first and foremost, spinning our print publications still but now wary of the hard lessions that they have learned about ad cycles that do not always come back. As demonstrated by this representative selection of panels and speakers some of these lessons have been embraced aggressively by publishers learning how to service user needs more effectively than ever via online databases, while others are still pondering what rich data really means.

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