Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sungard Announces Outsourced Data Cleansing Services for Financial Clients

As discussed in our paper on The New Aggregation, opportunities abound for companies to provide content services to major institutional clients that recognize their central role as today's leading publishers. Thus the Sungard announcement of a new outsourced data management service comes as no surprise to those who understand the shifting value equation for publishing services. Sungard has focused on providing integrated financial information management services that provide professionals throughout major securities firms comprehensive solutions to their needs for securities trading and trade processing. Adding data cleansing and quality management to the roster is a logical extension of their capabilities, but one that with a little bit of imagination could have been grasped by major content vendors trying to figure out how to position their own data quality capabilities effectively. Understanding that content quality assurance is a distinct attribute of publishing that can be packaged as a service to clients is but one example of how The New Aggregation is changing the value equation in the content industry more rapidly and radically than may be imagined.
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