Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Going Horizontal: Factiva Boosts Consulting Arm, Adds Functional Focus

Factiva's announcement of additional senior management and functional focus to their integration consulting efforts is interesting from a number of angles, not the least of which is the companies from which they have drawn new talent. The new head of the consulting practice's North American arm comes from One Source, the head of the European arm from Alacra - both aggressive and innovative integrators of aggregated subscription content into corporate client workflows. The why of this is clear when you look at the new arenas of focus for their integration practice: CRM, sales force automation, portals and corporate applications. Like OneSource and Alacra Factiva has taken a horizontal approach to client content integration, focusing on specific user functions where premium content integration serves best. This is likely to be a winning approach for Factiva with user-centered application development focus that takes them closer to being true content solutions providers. Expect this focus to leverage back more stongly into complementary vertical solutions for specific market sectors in which their toolkits gain the most leverage. But in the meantime going horizontal with specific types of users and problems is a good tactic for building up a base of integration capabilities for money being spent lavishly on corporate compliance, sales and other general solutions well suited for Factiva's general coverage.
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