Thursday, November 4, 2004

Reed Elsevier Makes Peace with Google, Learns How to Balance Benefits

From This is London comes some more insights into Reed Elsevier's developing relationship with Google. Initially concerned about Google's reach into its base of publishing properties and its LexisNexis aggregation service, Reed feels that they're winning clients back and is even experimenting with Google's AdSense ads in its Kellysearch products and services search portal. Key quote from MD Sir Crispin Davis: "For the last year or two we have had a lot of discussion over whether Google is an ally or a competitor, but there is a logic to working with Google in one or two areas. Google brings its size and we bring our content." Hmmm. A round at Blackfriars for the first content aggregator who wakes up and starts offering access to premium content bulk-licensed through their service via Google. Make that two rounds if they come up with a methodology that will allow access to bulk-licensed content via any search engine. Save me a stool by the window...
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