Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Required Viewing - Museum of Media History, 2014

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Jeff Cutler, head of the SIIA Content Division for forwarding a link to a thought-provoking online multimedia presentation by an ex-Poynter denizen that lays out a theoretical picture of where content will be in the year 2014. Amongst the predictions: Google creates Google Grid, a contiguous fabric of content that allows one to receive and publish into this limitless ether; Google buys Amazon to create GoogleZon; in 2010 The New York Times sues Google for copyright infringement; by 2014 the NYT is a newsletter for the elderly and the rich and self-monetizing content on the Google Grid has brought opinion-driven reality media to the fore, whilst pushing out "serious" content. Like a lot of futurism, many of these predictions are more about the present than the future: with AdSense embedded in weblogs we already have self-monetizing content, and it's not likely that copyright wars over Google News are going to wait six years to come to the fore. And we already have a "Grid" in the Web as it exists, albeit not with central corporate control. But like George Orwell's timeless novel 1984 it sometimes takes a dramatic presentation of where current trends are leading us to take them more seriously in present times. In any event, this little presentation is certainly worth eight minutes of your time when you have it to spare.
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