Wednesday, November 3, 2004

SCO Plans for Anti-Linux Legal Site Stall: The Power of Community-Driven Content

We're noting the news from Linux Insider and other online outlets about Unix licensor SCO Group's failing to launch a Web site with legal information to counter Linux devotee site Groklaw - not so much for the core I.T. industry issues it's meant to address as for its failure to launch in the face of Groklaw's solidly supported community content that could not be replicated. "The value of Groklaw is the community itself, with people attending hearings, scanning documentation, getting it posted online and discussing it," notes an I.T. analyst in the article. In other words, if you're trying to persuade a community with content, you have to present yourself as a bona fide member or focus of that community: it's nearly impossible to insinuate your way into the center of an established content community with a strong point of view with just your own content, no matter how relevant. Building successful content brands requires a new kind of accepted authenticity, built from a community's direct recognition of and participation in the quality of that brand. To upload to me is to love me...
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