Tuesday, November 9, 2004

TechTarget to Launch CIO Decisions Magazine

The Boston Globe got the scoop on TechTarget's plans to launch a monthly print magazine called CIO Decisions in April 2005. This news isn't surprising considering that TechTarget hired 2 key publishing executives from IDG this summer, including Maryfran Johnson, who had been editorial director of ComputerWorld. However, many B2B publishing insiders seem puzzled that TechTarget would choose to introduce new IT titles in print at a time when most publishers are trying to move from print to online. TechTarget doesn't take this either/or attitude, rather they remain medium-neutral and select appropriate media vehicles depending on the needs of the target audience. In a recent conversation, TechTarget indicated that they find print especially appropriate for conveying more indepth analytical stories with information about the strategic importance of products/services of interest to the target audience. As a result, brand-building advertising works well in the print medium. Having the multiple media options allows advertisers to create cross-media campaigns and manage them more easily with a single media partner.

By being medium-neutral--and not getting caught up in the debates about whether online is killing print--TechTarget can focus its attention on developing editorial for tightly targeted audience segments, which in this case is CIOs and senior information technology executives at companies with $50 million to $2 billion in revenue. Furthermore, delivering a diversified platform for reaching these highly targeted, highly qualified audience segments provides TechTarget a compelling offering for advertisers that have products and services to sell to each segment.
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