Monday, December 20, 2004

Auctioning of Corporate Blogging Services Accelerates Weblog Monetization

As noted in a press release from i-newswire the best practices of online ecommerce have reached the world of weblogging as veteran bloggers Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright auctioned off their corporate blogging services on eBay, generating a bidding war or sorts for the services of these established webloggers. I've held for a long time that certain forms of content are going to be open to the auction model increasingly, especially in venues such as finance where the model is well established. The weblogger is one step away from content auctioning, but it represents another solid move towards monetization of weblogs that comes close to closing the loop on the "how can weblogs be monetized?" question that some have been asking while others have been answering it. Content for hire has been a strong trend this year in ad-oriented venues, so it's not surprising that the institutional arena is beginning to pick up on this as well. Talented webloggers have many logical channels now through which to peddle their wares. In the era of vContent, in which today's leading publishers are the individuals and institutions equipped with powerful and affordable publishing technologies, that should come as no surprise.
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