Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Inbox Report: Changes at Reuters from the Perspective of the Photos Service

A member of my professional alumni network forwarded me an article on the continuing changes at the Reuters news division from the perspective of an old hand in the news photos business. It's gossipy and adds little real light or insight but it's an interesting pub-crawling level view of the changes afoot in the continuing efforts of Reuters to change its structure and culture to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world of news content. Gone or restyled are many of the pubs in which the "old world" news players would test the mettle of their livers as a rite of passage into the clubbish world of High Street journalism, even as the trade itself changes from a guild-oriented safe house to a much more freewheeling business culture. As highlighted by recent reports on BBC's announced sacks (WSJ's) the new requirements of electronic content are not going to stand still for a culture that was never the product itself but an entertaining backdrop that became out of sync with the changing drama of news production.
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