Saturday, December 4, 2004

Music Meltdown: SNOCAP Points Way Towards Universal Content Objects

As highlighted by CNET News and many other major outlets, the announcement of the launch of SNOCAP, a new service developed under the tutelage of Shawn Fanning, college dropout of Napster fame. Unlike Napster, though, SNOCAP is a licensing and rights management system designed to facilitiate music distribution by major labels and independents through a wide range of channels. SNOCAP has already signed on Universal Music and is expected to receive widespread use amongst major recording labels. While this in and of itself may not have all that much to do with the B2B publishing world today, it is enormously significant in that it is the first object-oriented content rights management system that eschews specific distribution platforms and channels - a model that is going to be the cornerstone of the evolving world of The New Aggregation. By focusing on licensing and rights management SNOCAP has positioned itself in a specific set of content aggregation attributes that will be highly profitable for years to come. We can hardly wait until text-oriented publishers begin to catch on.
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