Monday, December 6, 2004

News Analysis - Motley Crew: The EContent 100 Reflects the Diversity of a Changing World of Content

This year's EContent 100 list of the companies that matter most in digital content that is assembled by EContent magazine includes Shore Communications Inc. and, oh yes, some other folks that you may have heard of such as Thomson, Google, IBM and the like. "And the like" is a phrase that may be hard for some to grasp when they look at the full breadth of companies receiving this honor, given the diversity of their historic missions. But as the digital content industry focuses on increasingly common goals it's clear that the diversity that EContent magazine has focused on since its inception is beginning to coalesce into a new industry norm that puts the value of content as perceived by its audiences at the fore as never before. Diversity will remain this group's hallmark for some time even as their goals become more common.

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