Saturday, December 4, 2004

Ovid and MuseGlobal Pair Up to Provide Federated Access

Catching up on this week's announcements I am intrigued by the announcement of an alliance between Ovid Technologies and MuseGlobal to develop a federated search capability for academic institutions, corporations and medical institutions. It's an effort to combine MuseGlobal's metasearch capabilities with Ovid's increasingly workflow-oriented integrations of premium content for medical-oriented content into comprehensive knowledge management solutions, a canny combination that has a potentially enormous appeal to their combined audiences. MuseGlobal has moved rapidly over the last year from a company catering primarily to institutional libraries to a company catering to the I.T.-driven knowledge management environment with a wide array of content integration tools and is puttering via its MuseSeek with open Web searching. We'll see how the final product sizes up when it's released early next year, but in concept it's the direction in which many premium content specialists need to consider moving. Moving towards creating content value in meaningful contexts regardless of its source is the core to defining today's premium content services; the question remains, though, how much longer content licensing will continue to provide a cornerstone that draws clients to these capabilities and vice versa. We see content licensing becoming increasingly unbundled from the "front end" of content consumption and aggregators needing to prepare for this as a reality to be embraced sooner rather than later. In working together Ovid and MuseGlobal are creating a potentially powerful alliance that may help both companies to bridge their operations towards the emerging realities of institutional premium content.
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