Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Street Meets Elite: Webloggers Create Their Own Buzz to Move into High Circles

The recent Newsweek article on the upward mobility of recognized webloggers notes that the medium is accelerating the path for some who are lucky enough to gain cherished links from blog "big dogs", in the process becoming amplifiers of importance themselves with incredible speed. The core example given is the speed with which the concept of "podcasting", cobbling radio-like audio programs into weblogs that can be consumed on iPods and other portable devices, became a widespread buzz in the general media thanks to some of the key "Alpha bloggers" who picked up on some of these emerging trends, accelerating the Malthusian growth of podcasting references. It's interesting that podcasting is the example, because in many ways weblogs represent the kind of grass-roots interest in content by key voices that used to power the radio industry before it was swallowed whole by major corporations. With no artificial supply constraint such as government licenses to limit its growth, weblogs promise radio-like efficiency for broadcasting both content and concepts to highly targeted audiences that react viscerally to hipness and truth as much as teens wriggling to Elvis Presley tunes on the radio did in the 1950's. Today's weblog Elvises have more opportunities and techniques to get noticed than did those early popular music stars, with monetization beginning to come online in full force as a reward.
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