Tuesday, December 21, 2004

XML Extended with XInclude Capabilities for Greater Content Reusability

You may not care to poke through the technical details of the W3C recommendation for XInclude, here's the short version, as covered in W3C's press release: XML standards now make it far easier to assemble modules of content into an XML-managed content and application framework. Where prior XML definitions were rather fussy about managing external entities XInclude is far more forgiving and flexible, allowing default content to be supplied if the included content is not available when invoked. In short, digital content objects can be assembled within this framework from a series of content subcomponents. This could be as simple as taking the output of a database query and plugging it into an XML document or could be as complex as an XML-defined personal online newspaper that aggregates content from multiple XML-defined content objects into a coherent display. But where are the modular content objects to include into this scenario? Mostly within XML-savvy institutions right now, but expect publishers to take a careful look at XInclude for innovative new ways to package their content for modular use. We hope.
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