Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Factiva Dips into Sales Support with SalesWorks(TM): Horizontal Works Well, but It's Not the Whole Solution

How does a general aggregator add value in a marketplace swamped with general content? Build a better mousetrap for general business functions is one approach, one that Factiva is now running with via its recently announced SalesWorks product, providing a well-researched interface that promises high usability for sales professionals seeking business information. While Factiva's claim that it is the only sales-oriented source of information from sources such as Reuters Fundamentals, Bureau van Dijk, Standard and Poor's, D&B, and others may be a stretch in the eyes of competitors such as OneSource, It's clear that Factiva is trying to stake out a much more role-focused approach to content integration that will serve them well in the corporate space. Combined with Factiva's integration toolkits and extensive indexing capabilities this approach is likely to provide much more leverage for specific types of users seeking value in content from its context as much as the information itself. Sales integration is an increasingly crowded space, though, so Factiva will do themselves well to work closely with capable integration and service partners in this space such as Siebel and - and to focus also on integration for verticals that are likely to yield a broader account footprint of integration capabilities. Lessons for all, here.
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