Monday, January 24, 2005

Headlines for 24 January 2005

Internet News Sites Are Back in Vogue
Newspapers Face Antitrust Scrutiny
Blogs: Some Rights Reserved
Rich, Tailored Content
Seeking Better Web Searches
RSS Becoming the Next Standard in Commercial Web-Publishing and Online Information Distribution
Friendster, Love and Money
OneSource Debuts Tool for Small, Midsize Businesses
Reed Elsevier's legal unit LexisNexis buys China's PRCInvestment
ProQuest Extends Factiva Agreements, New Latam Newsstand, Enhances Collection, Federated Search
Stylus Studio and Mark Logic Announce Integrated XQuery Development Support for XML Content Server
Bankrate, Inc. Renews Agreement With The New York Times on the Web
Dow Jones & Company Closes $528 Million MarketWatch Acquisition

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