Friday, January 14, 2005

Reed Goes After Tender Data to Cash In on Transaction-Oriented Content

With more bidding for construction services going electronic and online, it should come as no suprise that the increasingly progressive Reed Construction Data group is picking up key content assets to support the bid tender process in the construction industry, as noted by InfoLink. Reed Construction has devised many innovative approaches to providing rich data elements to their databases to add to the multi-dimensional analysis of construction projects and the materials and services that make them happen. The trend towards more competitive bids in construction plays into this strong platform of background informaiton an competitive intelligences. Facilitating commerce through content will become an increasingly important factor in professional content, placing a premium value on having all of the supporting analysis availalble for a given transaction in a well-packaged format that can be transmitted easily to prospective buyers. Financial securities markets have relied on electronic transaction content for years, but it may be markets such as construction that are going to demonstrate new methods of deploying services for transaction-oriented content that can set new standards for value and growth. Each content industry sector has much to learn from one another, with an open mind.
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