Thursday, January 20, 2005

Required Reading: ChoicePoint Creates Actionable Intelligence

The Washington Post provides an excellent profile of Alpharetta, Georgia-based ChoicePoint Inc., one of the leaders in mining content on individuals' lives into actionable intelligence for law enforcement organizations, political parties, credit bureaus and human resources professionals. With a nearly insatiable thirst for multidimensional analysis of individual habits and lifestyles, most especially in the wake of the events of 11 September 2001, ChoicePoint has grown through acquisitions, intelligent market positioning and creating high content value out of raw information materials into one of the most high-powered content services providers in the content industry. The important thing about ChoicePoint is its emphasis on content services: with much of its collection being public records the emphasis at ChoicePoint is on discovering content value in the contexts that matter most to clients, be it through custom filtering, visualization and content sharing networks for law enforcement. As we emphasize here at Shore, content is not what sits in someone's database with intellectual property rights: content is what happens to information and experiences in the venues that audiences value. While the article notes that the legal definitions surrounding the use of some of its core data may come under more scrutiny in time, for now consider ChoicePoint one of the key suppliers of vContent in the industry - one whose success is certainly worth monitoring.
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